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More publicity for the EuCAN Dorset Mid-week Volunteers!

Will Parmiter has been an enthusiastic┬ávolunteer in our┬áDMV team for many years and has joined forces with Emily, a fellow-member of the organisation PeopleFirstDorset, to write an article for the Dorset Echo about the hedgelaying projects the DMV have been involved with recently. Articles like this Finding out more about Hedgelaying are very valuable to […]


Our ponies are now grazing the Keep field in Hazelbury Bryan

EuCAN has been involved for several years in the management of the ‘Keep’ field belonging to the Parish Council of Hazelbury Bryan in north Dorset. Our aim has been to try to improve the floweriness of the field. It has had many years of neglect but was formerly grazed by cattle and regularly cut for […]


EuCAN Dorset Midweek Volunteers in action winter 2019/20

The EuCAN Dorset Midweek Volunteers go out every Wednesday (sometimes on Fridays too) and travel to a variety of sites in south Dorset from the heathlands of the Poole Harbour basin in the east across to the Lyme Regis Undercliff in the far west, and occasionally into east Devon. Their work includes hedgelaying, scrub cutting, […]


New life for an ancient Dorset drove route

The EuCAN Somerset Volunteers recently had a very good day in Marsh Court Drove, a medieval drove that runs from Caundle Marsh up to Holt Lane north of Bishops Caundle. Many of these ancient drove routes are becoming overgrown as a result of neglect and lack of use and may soon disappear completely. We completed […]


EuCAN Somerset Volunteers at Magdalen Farm nr Winsham

We had a really successful (if rather muddy!) day at Magdalen Farm, an inspiring education centre in lovely surroundings in central Somerset, made even more enjoyable by the delicious lunch we were given! The tasks included clearing thorn and elder scrub from a bank, felling a large and rather challenging willow tree which was overhanging […]


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