2020 diary


Updated October 2020

During the challenging times that we are experiencing, many of us are finding the time to grow more food ourselves than we have for a long time, and many people will be learning from scratch just how valuable and satisfying it is to be able to do this. What a frightening thought it is that without supplies of food from the supermarkets, a significant proportion of the population would be totally stuck in gardens laid down to lawn or decking, with drives now completely paved. No room for food or wildlife!

It isn’t necessary to live in the countryside or even to have a spacious garden in the town or city to be able to grow your own – window boxes, window sills even, roof gardens and pots on patios can be very productive!

Can you help show how it can be done please? We would like to collect as many photos as possible in our Flickr album of different growing enterprises, whether they be allotments, smallholdings with goats and chickens, tiny patches in the lawn or a conservatory growing herbs and bean sprouts…

Thank you for all the photos you sent in – we have uploaded them into the Growing to Survive YouCan! Flickr album, updated as far as October – the most recent photos are on page 3 of the Flickr album. Check out the album yourself on this link!


Kevin and Val’s amazingly productive small garden ready for winter.


Another very productive 4m x 4.5m plot in north Dorset. Click to enlarge.


A highly organised Community Garden in  Suffolk. Click to enlarge.


Not much space in the garden but plenty of seedlings coming on!