We are very keen to provide further training to young graduates and others who want to become involved in environmental conservation either professionally or as volunteers. We hope that additional training in species identification, taxonomy and ecological field skills will equip our trainees better for the highly competitive jobs market that they are facing. We also aim to find funding to enable us to provide power tools training to prospective countryside employees or self-employed contractors.

This training can take place during weekends in the UK but also on placements with our European partners. The two week European placements provide a superb opportunity not only to learn about the wildlife and its ecology in other parts of Europe, but also to understand conservation challenges and management techniques in a European context. In addition, there are many cultural activities built into the programme, including tours and presentations to learn about the history, economy and customs of the area.

Brushcutter training April 25th 2019.

Four of our EuCAN Somerset volunteers were given a basic brushcutter operators’ course with Guy Measures from Newlands Training as the trainer. The theory and maintenance sections of the course took place in our workshop at Pollbridge and the practical session involved grass cutting on the site we help to maintain at The Quarr Local Nature Reserve in Sherborne. The second day of this training will take place later in the year leading to an NPORS operators certificate.



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See our events page for current training opportunities.